My story

Hi 🙂 My name is Megan Guilbert and I am the founder of ProSeed Forward Life Coaching, LLC. I started this business in June of 2020 to help others clarify their goals and move forward toward achieving them. Over the course of the last few years, ProSeed Forward has taken off and I have coached clients all over the United States to help them achieve their goals and “become the person they want to be”.

I have spent my entire life as a competitive athlete. I played field hockey and lacrosse at the high school level and was recruited to division 1 schools for both sports. After visiting many schools, I committed to Providence College in Rhode Island (Go Friars!). At Providence, I was able to compete at the division 1 level in the Big East Conference, which was an incredibly special opportunity. After my eligibility was exhausted, I stayed at Providence and became a division 1 assistant coach while working toward my master’s degree in Higher Education. After graduating in May of 2020, I had to pivot, like so many of us did, and I decided get my Professional Coaching Certification, which I achieved in June of 2020. After that, I was accepted into the Master of Social Work Program at Monmouth University. At Monmouth, I was also able to work as an Academic Advisor for Student Athletes, which provided me with another perspective on Collegiate Athletics. After completing my master’s at Monmouth, I went south to Richmond, Virginia where I went back into division 1 collegiate field hockey and was an Assistant Coach with Virginia Commonwealth University.

After about a year in Richmond, VA, I moved back to my home state of NJ. Now, I continue to work with clients all over the United States to help them achieve their goals. I also continue to stay involved with field hockey via individual goalkeeper training sessions and working camps, clinics, etc. I also work at Seton Hall University as an Assistant Director in The Career Center, where I work with the Stillman School of Business and the Athletic Department.

Why Choose ProSeed Forward?

Why ProSeed Forward?

My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals and become the person they want to be. Whether that be a more organized person, a better athlete, a better employee, a collegiate athlete, a healthier person, whatever it is – we work toward it.

How do I do that?

Through listening and open communication with clients we work together to identify who they want to become and clarify their goal(s). Then, we develop and take action on a strategic plan to help them move toward becoming that person and achieving that goal.

During this process, I provide skills and tools for clients to learn and try, hold clients accountable, challenge them, guide them and support them. In turn, this leaves clients feeling more confident, aware, inspired, and fulfilled.

What is ProSeed Forward Life Coaching?

Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions via phone call or video call that meets the client where they are at in their journey right now. Then, we work together to ensure the client is working toward their goal(s) and becoming who they want to be.

Through this process, I have watched clients experience growth as individuals, become the person they want to be, and achieve their goals.

The 3 Values

  1. Growth – willingness to learn new things, try new things, be open-minded, coachable and transform.
  2. Perseverance – a necessary quality in order to overcome big and small obstacles that you face when in pursuit of your goals.
  3. Optimism – can be confused for being happy and positive all the time. However, it is really about taking responsibility for and working toward your future. It means believing that you can make your future better.

Mission and Vision

The mission of ProSeed Forward Life Coaching is to coach clients to become the person they want to be and achieve their goal(s).

The vision for ProSeed Forward Life Coaching is to inspire clients to recognize their potential in life and how much they have to offer themselves and the world and then help them to fulfill it!

How did I come up with the name ‘ProSeed Forward’?

When you plant a seed in the ground, the goal (over time) is that with the proper plan and commitment to the process that seed will grow and develop into a better version of itself, a flower, plant, or tree. Eventually, that seed achieves its goal of blooming!

The same goes for you. When you decide to set a goal and create a plan, you plant a seed. When you consistently carry out that plan, you are committing to the process of growth and development so that you can move forward toward becoming a better version of yourself and try to achieve your goal.

When you ProSeed Forward you are setting a goal and committing to the process of moving forward toward achieving it.

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