Life Coaching & Personal Growth Coaching

What can you expect?

1:1 Personalized coaching that is specifically made for you and what you need right now in weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions.

A meaningful relationships with your coach and action plan with guidance, support and accountability throughout the duration of your sessions.

Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, weekly accountability text messages, unlimited email support, and external resources.

Life Coaching

The Life Coaching option looks at you within the bigger picture of your life (the environment around you). That means this options focuses on the way you interact with the groups of your life i.e. your family, friends, social life, career, and any of the other groups/overall responsibilities that you have in your life.

It can be hard to control these areas of your life, but they can usually be managed better and in a less stressful manner.

This coaching option will help you manage how you interact with the groups you are a part of, how they affect you, and it will teach you how to excel in them. You will do this through self-analysis, communication, creating goals, finding purpose, and cultivating relationships.

Personal Growth Coaching

Personal Growth Coaching is all about YOU. This coaching options focuses on how you can improve or change certain areas of yourself. It is about your own personal goals, development, purpose, and overall growth.

This coaching option will help you to break down any short and/or long term goals you want to achieve whether that be with your health, spirituality, mindset, leadership skills, anything it may be. This option will also help you manage your self-doubt, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and feel more confident and fulfilled.

Through self-analysis and goal setting, we will work together to develop a plan for you that will set you on the best path possible so that you can accomplish the goals you want to in your personal life.

What is the difference between life coaching and personal growth coaching?

Life Coaching focuses on you within the groups of your life. It helps you manage how you interact with those groups, how they affect you, and teaches you how to excel in them.

Personal Growth Coaching focuses solely on you. It helps you to accomplish your personal goals, overcome your self-doubt and limiting beliefs, find your purpose and passion, and improve and change the certain areas of yourself that you want to.

Commonly Asked Question: Can you combine the two options? Yes. You can combine both options and we can do a mix of the life and personal growth coaching options together.

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