Coaching Options

What do you get?

1:1 Personalized coaching that is specifically made for you and where you are at right now in your life.

An action plan and step by step guidance, support and accountability.

Life Coaching

The life coaching option encompasses many facets of your lifestyle. Why? As human beings, our lives are wrapped up in our lifestyle, so when we want to improve something, change something, or just do something different, it usually requires a general look at the kind of lifestyle we have and if we can maintain it or if we shift it.

Our life/lifestyle encompasses intangible pieces of us, like our mindset, emotions, confidence, self doubt, etc. As well as physical aspects of us, like our health and wellness, relationships, careers, families, habits, etc.

Clients choose what areas of their life and lifestyle they want to focus on. Then we work together to help clients embrace and maximize their potential in that area of their life/lifestyle. We do this through developing a personalized and strategic plan that helps clients to change, maintain, or improve whatever it is about their life/lifestyle that they want to.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching develops and strengthens the skills of those who lead. This could be the CEO of a company, a mother, a teacher, a manager, anyone who is in a leadership position OR anyone who wants to learn about leadership and become a leader.

Leadership coaching helps clients to gain a better understanding of themselves in a leadership role. Through coaching, clients are able to strengthen the leadership skills they already have and recognize and improve their weaknesses. Clients learn how to create and foster an excellent culture, build and develop great teams, and how to connect with and inspire those around them. Clients will also learn to develop their accountability skills, empathy skills, listening skills, and communication skills.

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