Life Coaching Options

What do you get?

Personalized coaching – made for you and where you are at right now in your life!

Process oriented – an action plan and step by step guidance, support and accountability.

4 coaching options to choose from to best fit your needs (see below).

Life Coaching

The life coaching service option provides you a general look at all facets of your life and what you can improve right now to move you toward the next step. Some of the areas of your life we can look at are (but not limited to):

  • Lifestyle choices
  • Habits
  • Distractions
  • Health and Wellness
  • Organization / Time Management
  • Fears
  • Building confidence
  • Managing self – doubt
  • Relationship with self and others
  • Motivations
  • Commitments
  • Passions

Working with a life coach will help you to address these strengths / weaknesses, overcome obstacles, and set you on a path toward improving yourself!

Mindset Coaching

The mindset coaching option helps you to identify the fog that you are feeling in your life. It helps you to shift your perspective from seeing the negative to seeking the positive.

Instead of allowing negative moments to take over your entire day or week, you will learn to limit the time spent in the negative mindset. It is not so much about changing your mindset completely, but helping you to align your mindset with your goals, perspectives, habits and values.

Career Coaching

Are you seeking a promotion, job switch, total career change, or trying to discover what you WANT to do? Are you mid career or just starting out?

In career coaching we will reflect, review your performance, and help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses within your career. We will create a strategy to help you develop yourself in your job and become a qualified candidate to earn the promotion.

If you are seeking a job switch, career change, or trying to discover what and where you want to work we will identify your strengths and weaknesses, your passions, and where you feel most like yourself. Through doing this, we will help you to develop a plan and start taking steps toward making those changes.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can be a multifaceted service because leadership is multifaceted. As people, we find ourselves in many different roles in life. You may be a leader within your own personal business, within your company as either a CEO, COO, administrator, manager, teacher, or director (so many other positions as well). You may be a parent, friend, cousin, and/or sibling. You may be the captain of your team or in a leadership position in a club. But most importantly, you are the leader of your own life!

Leadership coaching will help you learn about yourself, your leadership skills and how to strengthen them, how to recognize your weakness, enhance your empathy skills, and listen well. It will help you to learn how to connect with and motivate others, hold them accountable and inspire those around you.

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