High School Student Life Coaching

What can you expect?

1:1 Personalized coaching that is specifically made for you and what you need right now.

A meaningful and consistent relationship with your coach. As well as, an action plan with guidance, support and accountability throughout the duration of your sessions.

Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, weekly accountability text messages, unlimited email support, and weekly external resources.

High School Student Life Coaching

High School Student Life Coaching is specifically made for high school students (at any point) from the 3 months prior to beginning freshman year until graduation in senior year.

High school is a time where you get to know yourself. You start to think about what you want to accomplish in high school, you start to think about what you may want to do after high school is over, you get involved with school activities, make friends, take standardized exams and so much more. It can all be so exciting AND also filled with pressure and responsibility.

High School Student Life Coaching helps high school students with:

  • Goal setting
  • Transitioning into high school
  • How to get involved in school activities
  • Time management and organization
  • Study skills
  • General life skills
  • Habits and routines
  • Managing stress and pressure
  • Developing self confidence
  • Managing self doubt
  • Managing procrastination
  • Support during the college application process
  • How to choose what college is right for you
  • How to choose what major is right for you
  • Transitioning out of high school

Overall, it provides high school students with guidance and direction and helps them to stay organized and balanced. Most importantly, it helps high school students learn and develop life skills that will help them be successful before, during, and after high school.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, have questions about, or need – click the “learn more” button and send a message.

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