Snow days should never go away!

            There is nothing better than the feeling of anticipation leading into a possible snow day.  Being home at night, hearing the phone, looking on the school website, or seeing it on tv because YOUR school or business is officially closed tomorrow.  Even when you have to wait it out until 6am, wake up, learnContinue reading “Snow days should never go away!”

6 ways to have a more productive and healthy day

It is the most uneasy feeling when we are rushing through the day and feeling stressed about all the tasks that we have to complete and/or others are asking us for assistance.  I have found that the “rush” and “stress” we feel during the day can be balanced out and somewhat eliminated if we prepareContinue reading “6 ways to have a more productive and healthy day”

The reason you struggle to find ‘happiness’

Let me get straight to the point:  Your happiness is connected to your definition of success (Achor, 2011). Shawn Achor discusses this in his TedX talk about the Happiness Advantage and if you just stop to think about it, I bet you can relate. You are so stressed applying to colleges, jobs, or graduate schoolsContinue reading “The reason you struggle to find ‘happiness’”

~6 lessons I learned in College ~

ProSeed Forward Life Coaching, LLC Greetings everyone!  I decided to put together six things that I learned in college that I feel are important to know.  These are my own thoughts and opinions! Say Hello. When you are walking around campus, in buildings, elevators, stair wells, anywhere – a simple hello can go a longContinue reading “~6 lessons I learned in College ~”

COVID-19 is YOUR Responsibility

Who believes COVID-19 is my responsibility?  ME. I do. We all have the days when we say to ourselves, “This really sucks, my whole life is upside down”.  But Will Smith says, “It does NOT matter whose fault it is that something is broken, but it is your responsibility to fix it” (Will Smith, 2018).Continue reading “COVID-19 is YOUR Responsibility”

Hey, Student Athletes – What you HAVE is more important than what you don’t!

Having been a college field hockey player, my heart breaks for the current field hockey players and student athletes who are now facing the hard reality that their seasons are cancelled.  In my college years, if anyone ever asked me what I would be doing in the month of August, it would go something likeContinue reading “Hey, Student Athletes – What you HAVE is more important than what you don’t!”

Control what YOU can!

This week I have been thinking a lot about the saying “Control the controllables”.  There are times when I spend an enormous amount of energy worrying about how something will come about, or happen, or what it will be like, what could go wrong, what could go right, etc.  Even writing about all the thingsContinue reading “Control what YOU can!”