Athlete Coaching Options

Why Athlete Coaching?

Having been a former division 1 college athlete myself, I know that as an athlete you face different types of challenges both on and off the field and the pressure and intensity of being an athlete can be rewarding yet overwhelming.

What do you get?

Personalized coaching – made for you and where you are at right now in your life and athletic career!

Process oriented – an action plan and step by step guidance, support and accountability.

4 program options to best fit your needs right now (see below).

Athlete Life Coaching

The athlete life coaching option provides you a general look at both your life and athletics. We break down the two areas together and look at how both co-exist, but we also separate these areas too. Some of the topics we will discuss are (but not limited to):

  • How to balance athletics, academics, work, social, etc
  • Organization / Time Management
  • How to control the controllables in sports
  • Habits / Routines
  • Distractions
  • Managing self – doubt
  • Managing self – talk
  • Visualizing
  • Building confidence
  • Identity – who are you?
  • Post athletic aspirations

Working with a life coach will help you to address these areas both on and off the field so that you can reach your FULL potential as an athlete and person!

Transition Program

Finishing collegiate athletics can be one of the most challenging parts about being an athlete. Going from a very structured lifestyle, clear vision of what your goals are, being surrounded by teammates who are on very similar paths as you, and just a high intensity lifestyle straight into this new found freedom is not easy. Just learning how to navigate life without a sport that you loved is also not easy. Not to mention the fact that being an athlete is so much of ‘who you are’, your identity, and what you have called yourself almost your entire life until now.

The transition program helps you to manage the transition out of sport and identify your new vision, new goals, and how to manage life without being an ‘athlete’. It helps you to figure out who you are now, your identity, and how to incorporate what you learned as an athlete into the next phase of your life. It provides structure, accountability, guidance, and support – similar to what you had as an athlete.

Summer / Winter Break Program

Summer break and winter break can pose challenges to athletes because you are away from your regular athletic environment and resources. It can be even more challenging if you have a summer job, internship, or class to balance too. Holding yourself accountable to practice, condition, lift and push yourself with the daily workouts assigned is not easy when you are not constantly being reminded of WHY you are doing it.

The summer and winter break program will help you to break down the workouts and stay organized with your training, as well as structure your week of training to best fit your internship, school, or job schedule. The program will also help you to track your progress with the training sessions throughout the summer or winter with measurable check points to be sure that you are on track toward getting back to your team as the best possible athlete you can be.

Goalkeeping Mentality

Goalkeeping is 60% mental, 40% physical. Obviously, you need to have skills, fitness, and physical abilities that set you apart from other players. However, being a goalkeeper is mostly a mental position. Everyone on the field can make a mistake, but when you make a mistake, it goes on the scoreboard for everyone to see. How do you manage that? How do you manage getting scored on in the first two minutes of the game? How do you manage the competition of the position?

The best goalkeepers are not the ones with the best skills, but the ones with the best mentality. The goalkeeping mentality program will give you the competitive edge you need when it comes to the position. You will learn skills like visualizing, the 5 minute block, and the 20 second rule to name a few. Eventually you will learn how to train the mental side of your goalkeeping skills the same way you do the physical side of your goalkeeping skills.

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