You need to watch Ted Lasso and here is why…


Megan Guilbert MSW, M.Ed, CPC

         One of my best friend’s recently convinced me to watch Ted Lasso and I am incredibly happy that she did.  The joy that Ted Lasso brings, the lessons that it teaches, and the overall vibe it portrays is something special.  It is unlike any other show that I have watched. 


         The quote that sums up Ted Lasso in the best way is above, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt.  The entire premise of the show is based on the fact that Ted Lasso coached American Football and goes to London to coach European Football aka soccer.  Ted had never coached soccer and knew none of the rules, not even some of the most basic rules like ‘off sides’.  However, what Ted DID know was how to connect with people, how to show people that he cared, how to treat people with respect, how to get athletes to become teammates and create a strong locker room culture.  Ted showed up in London and no one wanted him there, no one believed he could do it, every single person underestimated him.  However, over time, you see him break through to people, help people let their guard down, and show people what being on a team and what being a coach is all about.  Knowing the game and the x’s and o’s of it are important, but knowing your team, knowing your people, and genuinely caring about them is what being a leader is all about. 

The top 5 lessons: 

Lesson #1: Always hold onto hope and believe in yourself.  In general, people didn’t believe in Ted Lasso, the scene while he is playing darts with Rupert sums it up very well.  They underestimated him; people judged him before they took the time to get to know him.  But Ted believed in himself, he knew who he was and what he could do.  In another episode in the first season, Ted’s pre-game talk is about the importance of hope and belief.  He uses hope and belief as a pathway to help his team see that they are capable of winning and that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  That they need to stay together, give it all they have, and be optimistic to be successful.  Without hope, you don’t have much. 


Lesson #2: The way of life.  This show has a way of making you laugh out loud, cry tears of joy, cry tears of sadness, feel the highs of the wins and the lows of the losses. You feel the pain of injury and mental health struggle, feel the challenge of retirement and the joy of just beginning, and feel the joy of coming together.  Ted Lasso is a show that cultivates the way of life because while watching it, you experience the ups and the downs of each character’s life, which is what life truly is for each one of us.  We all experience ups and downs in life.  Some days are great, and some days are tough.  It shows the viewers that everybody has a story, everybody has pain, everybody can have victory, and we shouldn’t be ashamed to reach out for help if we need it. Most importantly, everybody needs a place to belong. 


Lesson #3: Relationships are the key to success.  Connecting with others, caring for those around you, and looking out for each other is what being a part of a team is about.  With lack of relationship and connection, it becomes challenging to work together.  However, when you form relationships, spend time getting to know one another, and caring about people and what they care about, you will be successful on and off the field. 


Lesson #4: Growth.  Life is about learning and growing from the people around you, whether they be younger, same age, or older.  It is about learning each day how to get a little bit better at your craft and as a person.  Being coachable through life and being willing to learn and transform will be allow you to reach new heights of success when it comes to yourself, your relationships, and your career. Jamie Tartt is the perfect example of transformation through the show.


Lesson #5: Vulnerability is the path to connection with others.  Each character in Ted Lasso experiences times throughout the first two seasons when they are feeling vulnerable in their life.  Even the sports psychologist, Sharon, goes through a time when she is vulnerable.  As the characters earn more trust with one another, you see them allow themselves to become more vulnerable with each other, which ends up allowing them to have a deeper connection with one another.  The characters begin to let their guard down and be seen, which helps them to communicate, find solutions, and feel the support of one another. 


         Now, this show will impact each viewer in a different way, these are just a few of the lessons that it taught me.  These five lessons showed me that we need to find our ‘tribe’ in life.  We need to find a place where we belong and that allows us, to fully be us.  We need a place where we can form relationships, grow, allow ourselves to be vulnerable and go through the ups and downs of life. We need a tribe to help us get through the tough times and help us celebrate the good times.  Most importantly, we need a place that fosters hope and belief in yourself. 

         If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso yet, I highly suggest you do! 


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