Why you need a life coach…

Imagine playing darts without the dartboard…

Megan Guilbert, ProSeed Forward Life Coaching, LLC

Think about when people play darts, the main point is to throw the dart and hit the board on the bullseye.  Even if you don’t hit the bullseye, you can still acquire points by hitting other parts of the board.  However, the GOAL is to throw the dart and hit the board.  Now take a second to think about playing darts, without the board.  You would just be throwing the dart into the air.  There would be no goal because you are not aiming for anything.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out that most people live their life throwing darts into the air, not aiming for anything, and then not hitting anything?  Well, according to John Kapeleris, “Numerous studies have shown that only three percent of the population set goals and only about one percent actually write them down” (Kapeleris, 2016).  The first time I read that, I was shocked.  It was eye opening to read that the majority of people don’t set and work toward goals.

Goal setting can be challenging and uncertain but seeing and knowing what goal you want to achieve is not always the difficult part.  The difficult part is the execution.  Executing on the tasks that will help you achieve the goal (better known as ‘the process’ or ‘the journey’). 

First off, it can be hard to set sustainable and measurable tasks / action items that will help you achieve your goal.  It can also be challenging to then complete those tasks daily because motivation wears off and you must rely on discipline, accountability, and self-leadership.  Adversity can also de-rail goal setting, most of the time people set goals when the sun is shining and things are great, not when they’re in the middle of the storm.  When the going gets tough or we face adversity, we tend to re-treat back to what we know – our comfort zone.  Once you head back toward you comfort zone, it’s that much more challenging to get back out of it.  You might feel like you didn’t accomplish what you said you wanted to, which slowly takes a toll on your confidence.  When your confidence takes a hit, you lose belief in yourself, and then you’re that much less likely to want to step outside your comfort zone, enter uncertainty, and bet on yourself. 

Having a life coach can be incredibly helpful and beneficial when it comes to goal setting.  As a life coach, I spend time creating rapport and learning about my clients, their goals, and their life.  I ask thought provoking questions and inquire about why and how the client wants to achieve their goals. 

I help the client visualize themselves achieving the goal, and then develop a strategic plan that will guide them toward achieving that goal.  The strategy consists of 7-day action plans and tasks to accomplish, which helps the client to execute on the plan throughout the week.  I hold the client accountable, but more importantly, I help the client learn how to hold themselves accountable and practice discipline, consistency, and self-leadership throughout the process.  I provide necessary skills and tools for the client to learn and try throughout the process that they will then have to use in their life after coaching. 

As a life coach, I support my clients to overcome adversity and obstacles on the path toward achieving goals.  I help clients to adjust when necessary due to circumstances or for further growth, but not out of desire for seeking comfort. 

In the process of having a life coach, not only do clients learn effective and sustainable ways to set and achieve goals, but they learn about themselves and what works for them.  Once a client learns this, they can then repeat the process on their own.  I liken life coaching to Lao Tzu’s quote, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  I teach clients the proper process to set and achieve their goals and personalize it to them and what works best for them.  In turn, clients leave feeling inspired, empowered, and confident in their ability do it on their own for the rest of their lives. 

Having a life coach provides guidance, support, accountability, and education when you need it.  Whether you need it for a short time, just to get yourself started, or need it for longer to be sure you are on the proper path, coaching is investing in yourself and your goals and that is not a bad investment.

Invest in YOU!


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