Snow days should never go away!

            There is nothing better than the feeling of anticipation leading into a possible snow day.  Being home at night, hearing the phone, looking on the school website, or seeing it on tv because YOUR school or business is officially closed tomorrow.  Even when you have to wait it out until 6am, wake up, learn your school/business is closed, and back to sleep you go!  Ah, the relief, the break!

            However, the pandemic has raised some concern about the chance that we will slowly see snow days “melt” away…. No.  In my opinion, snow days are so important to still provide to students, teachers, staff, employees, businesses, and so on.  Snow days are more than just ‘no school’ or ‘no work’. 

            So many of us struggle to give ourselves ‘permission’ to take breaks from the go, go, go lifestyle we live these days.  We constantly feel like we have to be on, breaks are “bad”, and we don’t have the time to really rest.  Snow days are a good way to get people to slow down, to rest.  Snow days can be exciting and reviving!

  • You can’t really go anywhere if you are snowed in.
  • You actually can sleep in on a random day in the middle of the week.
  • The peacefulness and the quiet of the outside world, streets, and homes is something we really don’t see these days.
  • Drinking some extra coffee, hot chocolate, and maybe having an extra ‘treat’.
  • The ability to go outside in the snow to shovel, walk, snowshoe, ski, sled, have a snowball fight, build a snowman… it brings back the joy of what we all need more of in life (no matter what age you are) – PLAY!
  • Sit in front of a fire, watch a movie or tv show with those you love.
  • See the white covered picture through your window!
  • Most importantly, it really can allow all of us to let the ‘kid’ inside of us to show.

Snow days allow for all that. 

Just because we can do school and work from home, doesn’t mean we should have too, and doesn’t mean it is always a GOOD idea.  It is challenging right now, we are living in a world of working from home, doing school from home, and spending most of our time indoors and at home.  The most challenging part about that is that this pandemic has created stress in our homes and created work in our homes.  Our homes have now become a place where everything takes place, not a place of peace, comfort, and the mentality of ‘the day is over’.  People are working more, working late, not taking lunch, going back to the computer late at night.  People are struggling to differentiate between home and work.  When a school or business gives a snow day, it can help people reset.  It can give people the external permission they need – especially now … to take a break, enjoy the little things in life and separate home and work! 

Snow days, random days off, are essential and necessary to help people refuel and feel recharged.  Don’t get rid of snow days!

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