~6 lessons I learned in College ~

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Greetings everyone!  I decided to put together six things that I learned in college that I feel are important to know.  These are my own thoughts and opinions!

  1. Say Hello.

When you are walking around campus, in buildings, elevators, stair wells, anywhere – a simple hello can go a long way.  You can start so many conversations from a hello, but mostly it at least makes you feel good and on the receiving end feel good too!  Hello, can lead you to meet someone new, meet a new group of friends, learn about other areas of campus, network within your college campus and so on. 

2. Say “Bless you” to someone who sneezes. Please.

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than your freshman year and sneezing in class and no one, not one single person saying; “Bless you”.  The harsh reality of being a college freshman on your own and away from your comfort zone, when no one even notices that you sneeze.  So, just say bless you when someone sneezes around you.  Notice people, see people, acknowledge their existence.

3. Find a Way

You can always find a way to accomplish what you want to accomplish.  It might take some creativity, thinking outside the box, communicating, and going outside your comfort zone.  However, if there is something you really want – you can figure it out.  A class you want to take, but you don’t think the professor is a good fit for you or the time does not work with your schedule?  Try and turn it into an independent study with another professor.  Want to have a more flexible schedule?  Find out if you can take summer courses, so you can take less in the fall or take the class that only meets one time a week, but for 3 hours rather than 3x per week for 1 hour. 

4. Network with classmates / professors / administrators 

You never know who people know, what people know, or what people will become.  You and your classmates might graduate college and then that classmate might be able to help you get a job at the company they work at now.  That classmate might know someone who can help you get a job.  Your professors and school administrators might connect you with other professionals in the field of your interest, they might come back into your life later on and help you out.  On the reverse side, you might be able to connect your classmates, professors, and administrators with people when you are out of college or in college! Most importantly, these relationships are simply nice.

5. Don’t be afraid to say No.

Oh my god.  You don’t want to go out?  You don’t want to do something?  Just say NO.  Say No.  Try not to fall into the trap of feeling like you have to do EVERYTHING.  Do things because you want too or because it pushes you to meet new people or because you enjoy it.  Don’t let others pressure you into doing things you just don’t feel like doing.  It is really okay.  If people decide to befriend you because you said no to something – then they are not really your friends.  True friends will be okay with you doing what works for you.

6. Relationships are the most important thing. 

Relationships are so important.  Your relationships that you build can last a lifetime.  They are fulfilling and rewarding.  My college friends are people I speak to daily.  They are my biggest fans, as I am to them.  Your college friends are the people that you live with, spend time with, go through ups and downs with.  Your college friends become your family, become your new comfort.  They are special and you should never take them for granted.  These relationships are some of the best and strongest you will ever have. 

Anyways, I hope that this helps at least one person in college and that maybe other people can relate too!


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